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Thinking of further desiderata while tracing the reception of Sappho in the ancient world

2020.11.27 | By Gregory Nagy §0. Following up on my previous essay in Classical Inquiries (Nagy 2020.11.20), I offer here some further thoughts about desiderata that occur to me as I proceed in making plans to write up, as a self-standing monograph to be published by Classical Inquiries both online and as a printed “pamphlet,” the results—to date—of my attempts at tracing the reception of Sappho in the ancient world.… Read more

Thinking of desiderata while tracing the reception of Sappho in the ancient world

2020.11.20 | By Gregory Nagy §0. For a picture that illustrates one of my many desiderata as I go about tracing the ancient reception of Sappho, I have chosen a line-drawing that shows a close-up from a vase painting. The painting, if we were to view it in its entirety, centers on the youthful male beauty Adonis. In the moment that is captured by the painter, Adonis is being kissed… Read more

Three poems by Vassilis Vassilikos

Translated by G Chaldezos & N Fielding I CHILDHOOD MEMORY Mattresses to mend! Mattresses to mend! Bow on his back, he roamed the streets. Suyulu, Five-Hundreds, Ay-Yanni.* Cheerfully he looked at me, a little lad looking at him, an archery victor at an ancient Olympic He sat on the concrete of our pre-war yard, face deeply lined by Acronauplia.** My mother would bring out comfortable mattresses and he, with his… Read more

The love of small birds

2020.11.13 | By Natasha Bershadsky §0. I pick up here the thread of an essay by Gregory Nagy where he connects a vase painting that pictures a girl with a little pet bird, as painted by the Meidias Painter, with Poems 2 and 3 of Catullus. I will argue that there is a poetics of fluidity in identifying this little bird, and that the identities of such birds actually depends… Read more

Some narrowings and some widenings of perspectives for viewing the reception of Sappho in the ancient world

2020.11.13, rewritten 2020.11.15 | By Gregory Nagy §0. For an illustration that is most relevant to what I have to say in this essay, I show a line-drawing of a close-up from a vase painting by the Meidias Painter, whose artistic career, in Athens, can be dated to the late fifth century BCE. In this close-up, we see the picturing of a lady named Eurynoe (ΕΥΡΥΝΟΗ), who is playfully teasing… Read more

On the reception of Sappho as a personal experience to be expressed in pictures: examples from two vase paintings produced in classical Athens, fifth…

2020.11.06 | By Gregory Nagy §0. The two images that I mention in the title of this essay are line drawings of close-ups taken from two separate vase paintings created by an artist known to art historians as the Meidias Painter, whose career as a vase painter in Athens can be dated to the late fifth century BCE. In these close-ups, shown below at the end of my introductory paragraph… Read more

Francis Jones Graduate Assistantships

Francis Jones Graduate Assistantships Apply now! Application deadline: Tuesday, December 1, 2020 Recommendation letter deadline: Sunday, December 6, 2020  The Center for Hellenic Studies (CHS) offers assistantships to current Harvard graduate students who are conducting research in the humanities and social sciences, including, but not limited to area and ethnic studies, anthropology, archaeology, art history, government, history, linguistics, literary criticism, philology, philosophy, political science, or religious studies. Successful candidates will… Read more

Selected Bibliography

Selected Bibliography Primary Sources Babbitt, Frank Cole, trans. Plutarch’s Moralia, 1A–351B. Vols. 1–4. Loeb Classical Library. London: William Heineman, 1957–1961. Barchiesi, Marino, ed. Nevio Epico. Padua: Cedam-Casa, 1962. Bengtson, Hermann, ed. Die Staatsverträge des Altertums. Vol. 2: Die Verträge der griechisch-römischen Welt van 700 bis 338 v. Chr. Munich: C.H. Beck, 1962. Bennett, Charles E., trans. Frontinus: The Stratagems & The Aqueducts of Rome. Loeb Classical Library. London: William Heineman,… Read more

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